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Nearing the finish line…

Nearing the finish line…

Got loads done today! Hashut symbols got a second coat of Red Gore, followed by two coats of Blood Red. Then, I outlined them in black. Done!

Next, I worked my little three payer magic on the bone protrusions and the skulls that appear in some of the tails.

Next, I spent time working on the hero. Firstly, here’s a preliminary look at the lava! It’s mostly just Blazing Orange over a light grey, but it’s a start. Some yellow to the middle, and red to the edges, and it’ll look like it’s glowing. I’ll also be adding some OSL to the surrounding rock and a bit on the hero himself.

Next, I spent some more time working on freehand: the banner! I went for a deep, supremely dark red for the cloth, and then free-handed a chaos star onto it in white. Very delicate work, since any screw-ups are very difficult to repair. I think it turned out well. The nice thing here – Dwarfs are master blacksmiths, not necessarily painters, so the banner can be a bit crude.

I also worked on our bright blue ‘magical’ weapons for the Hero. The following shows both the banner, and the weapon.

Lastly, here’s a closeup of some of the jewels that are embedded in the Hero’s beard spikes. They get a little gradient from dark red at the top to orange at the bottom, to give the effect that they are being filled with light. One little white dot in the upper corner gives the light glint effect.

So, provided everything looks good, All I really need to do is polish off the banner (head at the top, skulls), do the shield (metallics and lava-ish stuff in the symbol), and then gore on everything.

I should definitely be able to Gloss spray everything tomorrow night, and be done! Yay!

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