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At long last…

At long last…

So, the gore got done today. But as I was prepping the models for it, A funny thought occured to me:

Toilet Paper Mummy Centaurs! Seriously though. I used individual squares of toilet paper as masks for the parts I didn’t want to get splatter on. First I isolated the front legs:

Then the weapon…

And, well, you saw the result.

But, here’s the horde in all it’s glory!

And some extra gore detail, just because:

And, the Hero options all painted up. First, the shield!

Great weapon and shield:

Then, dual Great Weapons (just because)…

And, dual Hand Weapons…

And since the arms are magnetized, there are 9 total loadout options for the hero.

The only remaining thing to do is black the edges of the bases and clear coat.


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