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Update, Feb 21

Update, Feb 21

Well, after all that assembly goodness, I took a much-needed break and spent the weekend with my wife. We hit a local historical site, drove around and went shopping a bit and then spent Sunday starting to unpack all our stuff in the new condo. Sleeping in has never felt better!

Model wise, I’ve built two more Skorne models: a Cyclops Brute and a Razorwurm. Yes, the one piece Razorwurm has pins. Two of them, holding him to his base. The Brute’s shield feels small on him. I may see about picking up a Karax shield bit and doing something to give the Brute more of a tower shield or something. Right now it just feels small for his tall, lean body.

I also stripped some Retribution models. Kaelyssa, Griffon and Gorgon and a Ghost Sniper all went into my Super Clean, and are now in Acetone. The Chimera I have was NIB, so I’ve cleaned up its mold lines (ugh) and started re-working the pose. He’s a super-fast arcnode, so he’ll look it.

The To Do list:

Strip pVlad, Drago and Beserker

Base and assemble the Cygnar Hunter

Base and re-assemble my Striders + UA (so they can be painted soon).

Get some Instant Mold for making extra sets of Myrmidon hands (so I don’t have to magnetize the things).

Prime my Khador and Skorne models.

Paint a Forsaken (to polish off a basic 15pt Legion Battle Box army).

Paint a TRAINBOAT test model:

I snagged a blister of 6 frigates for $10 from the LGS the other day, and they are awesome. I’m very excited to paint up some of these!

I’ll likely get a Battleship next.

Paint a Directorate test model:

I have the starter fleet pictured here.  I’m not going to do green, but was thinking instead of blue.

I also like the idea of trimming the flight stand so models are at varying heights. Really plays on the 3D-ness of space battles!

Anyway, that’s the plan for now. I’ve got a few things to assemble, and then all the conversion tools go away for a bit and all the painting stuff comes out.

Retribution WIP pics tonight or tomorrow!!

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