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Retribution Chimera

Retribution Chimera

The Retribution Chimera is a fairly typical Scyrah warjack.  It moves half a foot, is nearly as hard to hit as a barn, and doesn’t have the greatest armor.  It does, however, have the standard Retribution magical shield, and oh… it’s an Arcnode!  But wait…  it doesn’t have a shield and spear like every other arcnode.  It instead has these stubby wrist … blades… of doom?  OF DOOM!

The stock model, above, looks like it’s about to …

  • drop a deuce
  • give someone a hug
  • do jumping jacks

No matter what it’s about to do, I don’t want any part of it.

So, I hacked mine to bits.

First off, I cut the left leg into four pieces.  I cut at the knee, the ankle and toes.  I rotated the upper leg so that the hip joint was closer to the ground, and the knee was a bit more compact.  I then cut the foot slice in half, cut the toe slice in half and made this.

Yay! It something we’ve seen before.  That foot pushing off the ground thing.

I didn’t do much else in the way of modification. I compressed the right leg’s knee joint also, just to lower the hip joint to the same height as the left leg’s.

The rest was done with really creative posing. The only two pieces that got major conversions were the legs. Hips, torso, and arms are all basically stock. Here’s the result:

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