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Pink Butcher Nearly Complete

Pink Butcher Nearly Complete

Worked on Butch a little last night after a game of League of Legends.  LoL is cutting into my painting time, and I really need to just play one game a night, instead of 2 or 3.  Feels good to play a video game again though.

Anyway, got some metallics mostly finished, and got 90% of Lola done.  I’m trying to integrate some blue onto the blade, but I’m not sure how.
Enough talk, pictures!

I didn’t get to fully highlight the coat metallics, since the Badab Black wash wasn’t drying fast enough.  I’ll finish that up tonight, do the base and finish off all the metallics.  I also think I may do his face plate black, instead of some metallic color.  Or, I’ll do it bronze, just to bring in that token steampunk flavor.
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