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How-to Tuesday: Convention Wind-down

How-to Tuesday: Convention Wind-down

So, Templecon 2012 is finally over, and what’s a person to do after all that awesomeness?

Revel in the Afterglow

Yep, just sit back and enjoy the memories.  Remember those assassination runs, the scenario tables, and the cool loot.  Perhaps there was a class or seminar you really enjoyed, or met a new friend.  Did you place well in a tournament, or face a really nicely painted army?  I can think of a few costumes that caught my attention – like the guy completely dressed like a pirate (he had 3 pistols, 2 daggers we could see and a sword), and the other guy on the steampunk stilts that was there last year.

Take a Break

Don’t dive back into the hobby right away.  Sure, a convention can help get you fired up and working on the next big thing, but remember moderation.

Burn-out is bad, and you just got back from a weekend of nothing but gaming.  I imagine you had to burn a few brownie points with your significant other in order to go (if they didn’t voluntarily come along), so it’s a good idea to spend time with them.  Also, burn-out is bad.

I’m taking a break by working on a programming side-project, and not touching my models until game night Thursday.

Plan for Next Year

Before all the memories fade, is there something you missed out on that you really want to make sure you do next year?  Perhaps something you swore you’ll never do again?  Take notes.

Write this stuff down to help solidify it in your mind, as well as have a physical reminder.  If you have suggestions for the convention organizers, e-mail them about it.  You may be the 100th person to tell them that idea, but sometimes it takes all 100 to get something changed.  Just be mindful of the time, money and sweat that went into planning and executing the convention, and be nice when you contact the organizers.


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  • I’m just now starting to feel normal again. I didn’t realize how much standing and walking I did during TempleCon until yesterday. I’m not even planning on touching any models until next week at the earliest and am really just coming up with ideas for objective markers for the upcoming league.

    • Aye. Brainstorming about the Objective Markers on the drive home was really helpful for me. I’m looking forward to doing some terrain type stuff.

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