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Templecon Coverage

Templecon Coverage

It starts tomorrow!  Today, I’m in the car all day with Mugu and friend, Ken, as we traverse the east coast to Warwick, Rhode Island.

For those that want up-to-the-minute coverage, I highly suggest staying tuned to Lost Hemisphere.

G’day and the rest of the LH crew will be about in full force, and they’ll have some fantastic convention coverage, just like last year.

My goals for the convention are to focus on seeing new and original conversions, nicely painted models, and thematic armies.  There are plenty of people out there that will cover the PP panel, or the high-stakes games in the tournaments.  Since I’m more of a hobby and modelling type person, I’m going to focus on those things.  I think so many people put loads of effort into being fully painted for the convention, but it always seems the models themselves get overlooked for something else.

 With any luck (hoping for camera batteries that last), I’ll have at least one post a day with loads and loads of pictures of models.  Since I’m also running the Iron Arena table and some demos, I’ll be sharing any fun stories I hear and experience.

If you’d like your updates in any sort of real-time, I’ll probably be making some use of my Twitter account, @Plarzoid.  Feel free to follow.  I don’t tweet often, but for something like this, it’s a great way to get small bits of info out quickly.

If there’s anything specific you’d like to see, please leave a comment here, or on any of my Templecon posts.

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  • Lucky!! Have fun, I would love to hear about or see any previews of new stuff if they have any at the temple that their letting people photograph… RPG stuff, new models, The Sci-fi game thier doing, and any video game stuff. I know its not like the other cons in terms of pre-release stuff, but I am sure PP will represented and they’ll have something interesting to share with you guys. Thanks, can’t wait to hear about the trip and actually play a game again.

  • Go Team Game Parlour! Can’t wait to see all the pics and hear about it! Y’all are going to be good and even more experienced for the upcoming league 🙂

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