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Painting Class: Part 3

Painting Class: Part 3

I think the last bits to be covered are glowy bits, and leather.  There’s no special techniques for these, just borrow from what’s already been covered.

Glowy Bits are painted just like hair.  The brush bristles are positioned 90 degrees to the direction of the raised bits, and is moved in the same direction as them.  As you lighten the colors, paint less and less.

Glowy Bits Brush Placement

For the glowy bits of the Lightning Coils, start with Arcane Blue.  Then keep adding pure white until you’re basically at pure white, and it’s just a dot on each coil.  I think I ended up using half a dozen “layers”, or steps.

For leather, use two-brush blending.  A basecoat of Bootstrap Leather was used.  Shading was Umbral Umber, and highlighting was Rucksack tan.  Simple ’nuff.

Oh, hey, metallics!  Meg shades both grey metals (silver, iron, etc) and yellow metals (gold, brass) with the same mixture.  She used Greycoat Grey with some Umbral Umber.  It both tarnishes and dirties the metal.  The main goal isn’t really to darken the metal so much as dull it, and take away the shine.  Metals were highlighted with an appropriate color of the same family (golds highlight bronzes, silvers highlight irons, etc).  As for a technique, just 2-brush blend it.

Here’s how my Nemo turned out:


 Here are a few more pictures:

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