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Speedpainting WIP 1

Speedpainting WIP 1

Not much to report yet.  All the “white” panels have been base coated in 4-5 layers of Menoth White base, and this is by far the most time consuming part of this scheme.  I was able to get my first layer of shadows down – a layer of Hammerfall Kahki – two layers in some cases.

The colors are super close, and you can’t really see it in the picture, but it’s noticeable on the model.  The Hammerfall is a bridge color – the transition from MWB to Gun Corp Brown is a tad too large, but the Hammerfall bridges it nicely.

WIP 1 Stage, "Whites" with first layer of shading

Since the white takes up most of the big panels, requires numerous layers, and in most cases is the innermost surface, it’s the obvious starting point.  Once it’s done, though, I’ll have to be super careful with the reds and blacks, since trying to fix an error on the gradients will be a nightmare.  Control, control, control.

How are you doing?

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