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Unboxing: Conquest!

Unboxing: Conquest!

 I was so excited to pick this up from my ninja-shopper today (via friendly local who also partook of the ninja shopper’s services) and I dug into it as soon as I got home.

Box Art


Back of the box.

I know you want to see all the parts layed out, so here’s an exploded view:

Lotsa parts...

Here’s the breakdown:

Metal Parts:

  • Head
  • Waist Pistons (2)
  • Feet (2)
  • Hands (2)
  • Thumbs (2, 1 each attached to the hand)
  • Cannon Adjustors (2, on the same sprue)

Resin Parts:

  • Big Cannon
  • Torso (center)
  • Torso (side) (2)
  • Waist
  • Shoulder & Upper-Arms (2)
  • Under-Arm Cannons (2)
  • Forearms (2)
  • Hand Plates (2)
  • Fingers (2)
  • Upper Legs (2)

So, we have 11 metal parts, 17 resin parts, a plastic base, a cardboard wreck marker and 2 cards.

The first part I saw when I opened the box was the foot.  These things are massive…

And that's the leg that's bent...
Like... 50mm big.
And the trailing foot has a cool tread!
Nicely detailed hand armor plates, they're separate pieces.
This constitutes a hand with metal thumb (attached by sprue) and resin fingers.
Shoulder joint flash and lower arm flash. Shoulder connects to torso just like plastic kit: one axis of rotation.
Shoulder flash is minimal.
Torso Flash is minimal also.
Gun has very little flash, the metal piece is a pair of gear driven pistons, that look like they position the gun's vertical angle.
Under-arm guns have a fixed vertical angle, but rotate along one axis under the shoulder. Heavy flash, but it's all on hidden areas, so no worries there.
Under-arm gun mount, simple enough. The side facing up connects to the center torsos, the raised circles are positioning keys for proper alignment to the torso.

Can’t wait to get him assembled, painted and on the field!!  Speaking of which… the assembly instructions will be helpful, since the arm and leg resin pieces look very similar.



As for pose-ability, it’s about the same as the Khador plastic ‘jack.  The shoulder collars have 1 axis of rotations, as do the hands.  The elbow joints are ball-and-socket, but the shoulder joint is fixed.  The two shoulder pieces do look to be universal though, and they’re at different angles, so that’s some room for options too.

The under-shoulder guns have one degree of rotation, and the main gun up top is free to rotate also.  The head is on a ball and socket, but the wires are a part of the head, and may need to be bent into place if you’re having him look super far to one direction or another.

The flash is minimal, save the resin sprue bits, but they’re all placed in good, easy to clean or hidden spots.

Very excited, you should be too!

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