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Space Elves and Spaceships!

Space Elves and Spaceships!

This model’s been a blast to work on. I haven’t gotten a chance to work on a GW model in a while, and it’s refreshing to work on a model that has a completely different style and level of detail, not to mention a different material.

I wanted to give the pink a little more interest, since it was a little flat, so I mixed some Carnal Pink (P3) into the base Murderous Magenta (P3) and got something in between the two. I 2-brush blended this as a highlight. It was a bit too much, though, as it shifted the feel of the mini from deep magenta into bubble-gum pink. A quick wash / glaze with the base magenta fixed that and turned the bubblegum areas into luminous magenta instead. What I’m left with is a much brighter magenta for the highlights.




The YT-1300 project isn’t dead, it was just waiting for inspiration and time. Since I had both this past weekend, I set to work detailing the model. I used primarily Plastruct 0.010″ x 0.030″ styrene strips. These come in 12″ sections, and so far I’ve used almost two feet of the super small stuff to detail the model. I’ve been cutting it into teeny tiny squares and rectangles and using my Tamiya Extra Thin Plastic Cement to stick them on. I’ve found a sharp hobby knife to be a huge boon. Not only does it help cut the plastic quickly, but the tip can be used as an applicator for the small pieces by gently stabbing them.

At this point, all that’s really left is to affix the back over-engine panel, and detail the remaining bits of the cover (including the bottom of it).





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