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[Resurrection]: War Walker, Part 2

[Resurrection]: War Walker, Part 2


First, everything got primed black (except the canopy, that got primed white).

Then, I diligently and slowly put down about 3-4 layers of thinned Murderous Magenta (P3) on the spots I wanted the main color.

 DSC_9617 (2)


Next, I mixed some Carnal Pink (P3) into the Murderous Magenta, and put this down in the brightest spots.



Lastly, I put down another coat of Murderous Magenta, this time cut 50/50 with Matte Medium to help make it more translucent.  This tinted the bright spots from the previous step back towards the color I wanted.  They retain their luminosity and the model keeps it’s contrast, but it’s firmly magenta, rather than bubble-gum pink.

I also tossed the cockpit onto the model real quick just to see what it looked like at this stage.



At this point, I’ve lost a fair bit of the lower end of the contrast on the top side of the model, so I went in with some Thamar Black (P3) and my brushes, and added in the low end.  I also started applying basecoats of Menoth White Base (P3) to the areas that will eventually be white / bone.





And then, because I could, I shaded, highlighted and outlined the glass.  Shading was Cygnar Blue Base (P3) and Exile Blue (P3).  Highlighting was some of the base color, Cygnar Blue Highlight (P3) with some Underbelly Blue (P3) mixed in.  The outline’s just black right now but will get some highlights when I do the rest of the blacks.



And that’s it for now.  Stay tuned!

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  • Where are the skulls, though? Everybody knows it’s not a proper 40k model without at least half a dozen skulls.


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