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Eldar Paint Scheme Research

Eldar Paint Scheme Research

I’m incredibly anxious to paint me some Eldar.  I realize I have lots to do with the Pump Wagons, Gatorgents and Skorne, but side distractions are fun, right?

So, I’m slogging through CMON, looking for Eldar armies or models as inspiration.  I’m not sure if I want to do a codex Craftworld, or make up a scheme.

For starters, here’s Games Workshop’s Studio schemes overview:  LINK.
Among the first 70 odd CMON pages of the over 200 I found using “eldar” (half of which are Dark Eldar, grr…) I found quite a few great examples of what can be done…

Craftworld Eldar

Saim-Hann Fire Prism by richardvan
Saim-Hann Tanks by Tzardauker
Saim-Hann Banshees by richardvan
Biel-Tann Autarch by nels0nmac
Biel-Tann Fire Prism by Baumkrone1000
Iyanden Falcon by SpaceMarineJunkie
Iyanden Wave Serpent by Teflon Billy
Iyanden Wraithlord by Davius Baneheart
Ulthwe Falcon by philologus
Aliatoc Falcon by Zagi

Custom Schemes

Altansar Tanks by TheIronJef
Falcon by slejer king
Falcon by Mohorc
Warwalker by Tagamoga
Eldar models by Rasko
Strike Force by MayBugM


“Leaf of Tree Vakhari” – Fireprism by Yellow One 

There certainly are no constraints on what looks good on Eldar.  With lots of smooth curves and flat open spaces, there’s no doubt it’s a painter’s army.  I really don’t want to do the yellow of Iyanden, though it looks great when done well.  I think the red Saim-Hann is overdone – it seems to be the to Eldar what Ultramarines are to Space Marines.  I think the green and white of Biel-Tann would play to my strengths, but it doesn’t seem terribly impressive.
So, what do you think?  

Should I do a standard Craftworld Scheme?  
An adaptation of one? 
Something completely different?  

Tell me your thoughts below!  Seriously, comments keep me fueled.
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