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Ok, so the project in short is to take these guys:

And these guys’ horses:

and make centaurs!

So, here are the raw parts:

After cleaning mold lines, I glued the two halves of the horse together and covered the hole where the head attaches with greenstuff:

While the greenstuff was hardening, I cleaned the torso of mold lines and any Orc icons (these are to be Dwarves after all) – I then basically clipped off his butt. I used a sanding drum on my dremel tool to smooth the cut. Here is the result:

So, here is the end result (held together with sticky-tac):

I think it looks pretty good! Now I need to figure out what to do with the area where the rider would normally go. I think chainmail would look the best since it can be blended into the chainmail around each horse leg – but that means I have to sculpt chainmail…

Anyway, I’m pretty happy with the prototype!

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