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Gettin’ Beardy…

Gettin’ Beardy…

So, the last of the details on the Centaur are done!

I sculpted a buckle on the collar so that it looks as though the front armor piece is strapped on. I also sculpted a little strap from the new Plate Mail we designed to go around said strap, so the whole system looks tied together.

The other main detail to do was a big bushy beard! You can’t have dwarfs without beards! The example beard given was this:

Here’s (essentially) the finished prototype. The only missing element is the basing. It’s not easy finding sand in a city! Realistically though, the basing is the easiest part, so I don’t think it will impede the rest of the project.

Enough talk, pictures!!

And a close-up of the buckle:

Whew! Figuring out the buckle was tough, but once I figured out a neat trick to make it, doing it over again should be easy! The beard was not easy either, but now that I have one under my belt, the rest should be a snap!

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