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Imperial Fist Test Model

Imperial Fist Test Model

So, I was contacted by the same client that had the centaurs done, and he wanted to see if I could paint some Imperial Fist marines. We agreed that I should emulate these models that are already a part of his army:

And so here was my process. I cheated by priming the base black and the mini white:

Next, I hit the majority of the model with two layers of GW’s Sunburst Yellow:

Next, I hit the desired areas with black and red, and used Boltgun Metal for the metallics:

Lastly, a wash with watered down GW Badab Black wash. These final photos were taken in the new lightbox. I definitely think I need a warmer light. What do you think?

So, once the wash dries, I can drybrush the urban rubble base, and he’ll be done.  Unfortunately, the wash foamed up on me and dried far too quickly and in all the wrong ways.  I may spray him white and take a second shot at it – I’m not very happy with this guy.

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