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Grey Knights Kill Team, for Charity!

Grey Knights Kill Team, for Charity!

Charity events are great.  Miniatures wargaming is definitely a luxury hobby, and I think it’s important to funnel some of that into charity, into helping others in some way.

For example, Foodmachine is a staple charity event in the Warmachine community that openly encourages cheating in order to help feed the hungry around Thankgiving.  Players bring in cans of food or money, and can spend that during their games to re-roll, for example games as escape rooms like the bank vault you can find online.

Clash for a Cure is an event in Texas focused on raising money for cancer research.  It’s a small Kill Team tournament, and an auction in one, and it’s a charity that I’ve done work for before.   In previous years, I’ve cleaned and partially assembled models to then be painted for the prize pool.

Brotherhood of the Sanguine Page

This year, I volunteered to take a small Kill Team all the way.  Given how slowly I work, I took on a small team of Grey Knights.  These guys are so cool, and a strong variation on the Space Marine in an almost fantasy knight kind of way.

I’m happy to present the Brotherhood of the Sanguine Page, a balanced elite team of Grey Knights led by a Justicar.  With two ranged specialists and two melee capable members, it’s a well rounded Kill Team that stores nicely and plays quickly.

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  • An apt description of the Grey Knights 🙂 Do you have any larger pictures posted somewhere or is that a risk for someone stealing your mojo with your logo?

    • Thanks! I’ve updated the post to link to the original sized pics, which are considerably larger. An oversight on my part – WordPress recently changed their editor, and it has different default settings for pictures, which I’d forgotten about.

      • Holy cow that metal is so smooth you could carve a record and put it on voyager…

        Please tell me the orange on the toes is not owl.

        What was your lava material? It looks more crusty than cork normally does.i also like that it’s lighter than most, doesn`t dampen the pictures with too much black for the c camera to balance against. Sorry just seeing these now but thanks for the big pictures.

        • Thanks! The silver was a recipe I’d picked up from Vince Venturella at a class at NOVA. It uses some specific paints that look awesome, especially when you use the airbrush.

          The orange on the legs is definitely some OSL. I didn’t have the time to really do it super smooth, so I went kinda heavy and cartoony, like the small scratches in the armor was picking it up more than the rest of there polished metal.

          The lava was greenstuff with some beads in it for the bubbles. The rocks were mostly Coal Black, highlighted with greys. The subtle green tint of the rock plays off the orange of the lava in a near complementary contrast, which I think looks really nice. It also helps bring some contrast between the rock and the silver armor, which would have been too much grey.

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