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Skorne Master Tormentor Morghoul Tutorial

Skorne Master Tormentor Morghoul Tutorial

Not much of a tutorial for this guy. He’s only three pieces.

Like all my models, I clipped off the tab and filed his feet flat. One pin into each foot and he’s on his base. The left arm is pretty straight forward. A pin into the nub and arm and that’s done.

I think the tricky part if the right arm, the one that crosses his body. I put a pin into the flat section of the joint:

Then, I put a hole into the middle of the arm bit, aimed straight down the arm. They meshed fairly easily. Really look at the geometry of the joint. It’s a weird one, but once you wrap your head around it, you’ll see the best places for the pin.

So far, that’s a 3 pt army. That’s a lot of nasty for 3 points! (Morghoul has 7 warbeast points!)

Up next (and by next I mean tomorrow): The Titan Gladiator. It’s going to need green stuff. I’m so excited.

No I’m not.

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