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Faction A.D.D.

Faction A.D.D.

Yes, it’s a very serious problem.  Every time I see a cool painting thread, or hear about an epic battle, I want to play that army.  For instance, despite the fact I have six factions already, threads like this and this make me want to pick up some constructs…  They look so foreboding and ominous when done in darker colors.  I do need another Hordes army to offset my Warmachine army count…    No!  I must not give in!

What I really need though, is help from you!  There’s a big event in September, over at Blob’s Park and it’s going to be a 35 or 50 pt event.  Possibly both  Its looking like there will be door prizes for everyone, and bonus goodies for a tournament winner, a fully painted raffle, and other awards.

So, with this as incentive, and September as a goal, I need to choose a faction for, basically, the rest of the year…

Being the dorkus I am, I’ve tried to assemble a Pro / Con list for the factions I already own a significant amount of models for.  (Only mercs aren’t included since I only have a battlebox and extra Heavy.)

Legion of Everblight

  • Most Familiar
  • Already own lots of models
  • Scheme is already set
  • Fair chunk of models are painted already
  • Bad track record – haven’t won a game with them in ages
  • I’ve been playing them for about a year now, time for something new?
  • No idea what list to build.
  • Looking at them makes me a bit sick.  Lots of repairs to do, and not many good memories recently.


  • Have a small core of models
  • Fairly excited about running a Xerxis Brick
  • Don’t have a ton of models, need to buy stuff (why isn’t this in pros?)
  • Lots of detail on the models means long painting times
PG_spacecadet’s Xerxis Skorne Army @ 25 pts


  • Have a good core of models
  • I seem to do better with Warmachine armies than Hordes
  • Have all the models for pStryker T4
  • Really need to strip and re-paint some models
  • Mostly just units left to paint, going to be a chore
  • Do I have enough to make it to September, or will I run short on models?
  • I painted them blue. Everyone does blue. Should I do a different scheme??
Bases and details are all these guys need…


  • My first faction
  • Have a good core of models
  • I seem to do better with Warmachine armies than Hordes
  • Several versatile lists with minor model substitutions
  • Only two models from pVlad T4
  • Pre-rodded Iron Fangs need to be stripped and looked at. EEK!
  • EVERYTHING needs to be painted. Will I make it?
Kris Aubin’s 100pt Vlad T4

Retribution of Scyrah

Not being included.

I have a plan for my Ret, and it’ll need time to make it happen. Sorry.

Now that you’ve read the lists, what do you think? Comment below and convince me to pick the faction you think I should. The more convincing the argument, the better.

Prizes may be involved.

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  • I don't play as often, but I'm going to suggest Legion or Khador. For Leigion I have picked up alot of tips through PP forums although I haven't gotten around to ordering more parts due to local painting commissions and personal projects. I think posting a list or 2 there could help.

    I know ppl power play Khador so it could be worth having a go with them too.

    Also keeping in mind I come from a small town and I don't think anyone there plays too competitively. However, I believe painters like us should be aiming for best painted šŸ˜‰ But if you are going to play and paint well I'd say go for it :D. Whatever you choose I can't wait to see what you'll end up painting and playing šŸ™‚ (More importantly the painting parts :P)

    See you on the forumz šŸ˜€


  • I think you should bring skorne as it has the least significant cons and although the painting is much more details the end result ends up being so much better than if you were to have dull bland models with no detail. While the skorne may take a longer period of time its only to gain a better looking model, not like its a waste of time. I think skorne would be awesome for the tourney and you can have a very nicely painted army if you devote yourself to it. Not to mention you already did that pinning guide! Hope whatever choice you make you, your happy with!
    P.S. really tired so if this seems unintelligible I'll be sure to recomment or edit


  • I would vote for Skorne since I think they are a somewhat under-represented faction and I think your models look fantastic.


  • I too will jump aboard the Skorne Train! Especially since you'll be doing Xerxes!


  • So far that's 1 vote for Khador and 4 for Skorne, which is good because those are the two armies I wanted to do.


  • SKORNE! Of course, that's the answer you should expect from me, but still – the Empire's call is not to be taken lightly. Xerxis is ridiculous amounts of fun to run and Skorne offers a great variety of playstyles by using different 'locks with a core of units. I run Nihilators under Xerxis very differently than under eMorghoul, and Arcuarii are great for setting up crazy charges by dragging stuff out of the way.


  • Thankfully I don't have faction add, but I do want a small Circle army consisting of only constructs and satyr, probably with Baldur as the warcaster.


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