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Of Trainboats and Angry Elves

Of Trainboats and Angry Elves

So I didn’t have pictures last time, but I sure do now!  First, I have a test model for my Blazing Sun TRAINBOATS!

What do you think?  There isn’t much in the way of highlights, but I kind of like that.  It feels more industrial, which fits a Dystopian future.

I also was able to get quite a bit of Retribution stuff done.

Firstly, because I’m so crazy for shields, a Griffon!

I wanted a static, shield-at-the-ready pose. I think this is it!

I also magnetized my other two plastic Myrmidon kits. One’s a Hydra/core and the other’s a Dis/Hydra/Core. Just take a look at these:

And here’s the Discordia / Hydra / Manticore

I haven’t yet found out how to magnetize the chest piece for Discordia.  Perhaps I’ll just glue it on?  Thoughts?

Oh, here’s an eleventh picture.  Yeah.  Lots of pictures to make up for last time!

A Retribution Battle Box! Huzzah! I have big plans for it. Stay tuned.

So, away go the modeling tools! Out come the paintbrushes and paint pots! I’m pretty excited! I need more exclamation marks! !

Oh, and Congrats to Burb1996 of Burb’s painting Blog! He reached the 40+ followers he was after, and he’s giving away an extreme sculpt! Wahoo! Maybe it’ll be you?

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  • Cool looking Dystopia Wars ship you have there. Have you given any thought to using naval camouflage on it to help break up a bit of that grey?

    The griffon looks AWESOME. Its def. in a pose that says "Bring it". Too cool.

    As for the Discordia I say leave it off. The head piece and the arm blades are PRETTY distinctive. If it makes your life easier I say leave it off. That way when your playing as any of the other models it can be people wont be going "What is that thing?". Just my 2 cents.

  • I have. The grey definitely needs to be broken up a bit. I'm thinking Shadow Grey will be a darker, bluer grey to help tone down the model a bit.

    The chest piece is a cool bit, but you're right leaving it off may be the easiest thing to do. It is very "deflector shield" though…

    IMO the Ret 'jacks aren't different enough period. Not much I can do about that though.

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