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A surprise, an upgrade and an update

A surprise, an upgrade and an update

Firstly, Burb1996 had his prize drawing.  Since Burb got his 40 followers in less than 48 hours, he’s giving away an Extreme Scuplt!  He cut out everyone’s name, put them in a hat and had his son pick out a name.  The little dude’s my new best friend, because he pulled my name out of the hat!

On it’s way is an Extreme Juggernaut. Why? Because it’s the base for an Extremoth. I’m super excited!! You should be too, because if you’re reading this, you’re likely a fan of conversions – and that one’s killer!

Next, I need some input. I snagged some lights from Home Depot on the cheap. They aren’t terribly bright, so I think I’ll need some new bulbs for them. I did take some pictures though, so let me know which you like better.

Oh, and what do you think of the addition of some Naval Camouflage?

And now… the results of last time’s dilema:  What faction to commit to?

Overwhelmingly, you all wanted to see Skorne!  Of the six of you that posted your thoughts, five wanted Skorne.  Good enough for me!  Skorne it is.

I was able to get primer on my Skorne Battle Box, a Cyclops Brute and Razorworm.  That gives me a nice 15 pt Tooth and Claw list to learn with:

Points: 15
Master Tormentor Morghoul (*7pts)
* Cyclops Brute (5pts)
* Cyclops Savage (5pts)
* Razorworm (4pts)
* Titan Gladiator (8pts)

I also picked up Xerxis last week at the LGS, so I’ll need to assemble him.

I haven’t found a 35pt list I’m happy with, so I’m open to suggestions.  I like the idea of a brick, but I also think a combined forces type army could be fun.  Show me some lists!

I’d post more, but I kinda want to get painting!  I’ll have pictures of some Skorne next time, I promise!

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