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Pink ‘jacks WIP 2

Pink ‘jacks WIP 2

I had some serious time to work on ‘jacks tonight, so during three Battlestar Galactica Episodes and the newest Glee Episode, I got all the blacks done (except for the inner part of the legs, which I’ll get later) as well as almost all the highlights on the pink.
I also got a fair bit of work done on the heads, and layed down some brass in the only areas that will get any:  face guards and steam stack guards.

Enough chitter-chatter, you came here for pictures!

And just because I wanted to see if the pink and black balance played well across the models, a group shot of my 10pt battlegroup:
I have to knock out as much as possible tomorrow night in order to be ready for Thursday.  After tonight’s progress, I’m fairly certain that I’ll be ready to rumble!
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