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2012 Resolutions

2012 Resolutions

The New Year is a great excuse to analyze the past, digest it and then to plan for the future.  That’s what I’ve been doing recently.

Snotling Pump Wagon!


Looking back at 2011, I got quite a few commissions done.  I helped make some very cool Gatorgents for a friend, and I scratch built some Snotling Wagons.  I also painted two 35-pt armies, and won a painting competition with one of them.  I’ve done some fun conversions, like my Voltaic Stormclad, and I’ve written loads of tutorials.  I also became a PG last year, and migrated to this new website.

All in all, last year was pretty great!


Looking forward at 2012, there are several things I want to do.  One of them is focus on a few factions, rather than all of them.  I have too many models, across too many factions, and I need to put several of them away in a closet and leave them there until next year.

When I made this decision not too long ago, the immediate followup question was: “Well, then what factions go in the closet and which ones stay?”

One faction was an obvious choice:

First attempt at Sorscha, 2009


Having painted and played Khador for a while (due to the Butcher1 Theme Force), I’ve fallen back in love with the fur-lined Northerners.  They were my first faction, and some of the first PP models I ever painted.

I hadn’t touched Khador for about a year when I started working on the Khador Theme force, and I gotta say – I miss ’em.

The list I’m currently working on is the one I devised as an expansion based upon the 2-player starter set.  In fact, I just finished assembling all the models just the other night.  Since I’ve magnetized my plastic chassis, and I’m re-painting half the army anyway, I’m going to also replicate the Butcher1 Theme force I’ve enjoyed for these past few months.  This *will* include a Plastic Kodiak conversion, which I’m already working on.

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Points: 35/35

Kommander Sorscha (*5pts)
* Juggernaut (7pts)
Man-o-war Shocktroopers (Max Unit) (9pts)
Winter Guard Mortar Crew (2 Models) (3pts)
Greylord Ternion (3 Models) (4pts)
Koldun Lord (2pts)
* Destroyer (9pts)
Widowmakers (4 Models) (4pts)
Widowmaker Marksman (2pts)

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Heart of Darkness

Points: 35/35
Tiers: 4

The Butcher of Khardov (*6pts)
* Juggernaut (7pts)
* Juggernaut (7pts)
* Kodiak (8pts)
* War dog (1pts)
Man-o-war Demolition Corps (Min Unit) (6pts)
Man-o-war Shocktroopers (Min Unit) (5pts)
Manhunter (2pts)
Manhunter (2pts)
Yuri the Axe (3pts)


This past week, I’ve been rapidly working on assembling all the models for the Sorscha1 list. Remember, I have to start from scratch because the Pink Khador army will be going to auction for charity (eventually – I’m working on a few extras to throw in, as well as working on contacting a charity to take the donation).

I’m very excited to try this list out!  I just have no idea what sort of scheme I’ll do them in…  Yellow?  Classic Red?

35pts of Angry Beards!

Legion of Everblight

In order to stay balanced and up on Hordes vs Warmachine, I’m returning to my beloved Legion of Aquablight.  Like Khador, I’m going to focus on the Battlebox ‘caster, Lylyth1.  She’s always been one of my favorite ‘casters, and I’ve developed what I think is a fairly fun list based upon the Legion Battlebox.

The Legion of Aquablight!, 2010

The list focuses on Lylyth, and her ability to make everything hit more accurately. It’s also a tad beast heavy, but in a very fun way.  While I’m getting that list done, there’s a good theme list that only needs a few extra models in order to be complete.

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Points: 35/35

Lylyth, Herald of Everblight (*6pts)
* Carnivean (11pts)
* Shredder (2pts)
* Shredder (2pts)
* Shredder (2pts)
* Shredder (2pts)
* Harrier (2pts)
* Stinger (2pts)
Blighted Nyss Striders (6 Models) (6pts)
* Officer & Musician (3pts)
Annyssa Ryvaal, Talon of Everblight (4pts)
Blighted Nyss Shepherd (1pts)
Strider Deathstalker (2pts)
The Forsaken (2pts)

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Winds of Change

Points: 35/35
Tiers: 4

Absylonia, Terror of Everblight (*5pts)
* Shredder (2pts)
* Shredder (2pts)
* Stinger (2pts)
* Proteus (10pts)
* Ravagore (9pts)
* Typhon (11pts)
The Forsaken (2pts)
The Forsaken (2pts)


Luckily, I already have the Legion Battlebox painted.  However, I would like to try a different armor scheme on the Alternate Lylyth Sculpt (since I’m still not sold on the gold), and I’ll certainly be getting a Plastic Legion Heavy kit for a Scythean and Proteus, so there’s still a fair bit to paint for this army.  Alternatively, I’ve been debating switching up the color scheme and doing something with orange blight – it’s a pretty cool effect.

Protectorate of Menoth

The third army I’d like to work on is something from the Protectorate of Menoth.  Every Menoth player I talk to enjoys the faction, and I’ve always stayed away because it’s usually been popular wherever I am.  I no longer care what everyone else is playing, I want a piece of the fiery action!

Studio Alt Scheme

I have two lists that I’m tossing around in my head.  One is based off the 2-Player Starter Set, and another is a theme force:[wpcol_1half id=”” class=”” style=””]

Points: 35/35

High Exemplar Kreoss (*5pts)
* Crusader (6pts)
* Vanquisher (8pts)
Choir of Menoth (Min Unit) (2pts)
Exemplar Cinerators (Max Unit) (8pts)
Exemplar Errants (Max Unit) (8pts)
* Officer & Standard Bearer (2pts)
Exemplar Errant Seneschal (2pts)
The Covenant of Menoth (2pts)
Vassal of Menoth (2pts)

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Defenders of the Temple

Points: 35/35
Tiers: 3

Feora, Protector of the Flame (*6pts)
* Reckoner (8pts)
* Vanquisher (8pts)
Choir of Menoth (Min Unit) (2pts)
Daughters of the Flame (6 Models) (5pts)
Flameguard Cleansers (Min Unit) (5pts)
* Flameguard Cleanser Officer (2pts)
Temple Flameguard (Min Unit) (4pts)
Temple Flameguard (Min Unit) (4pts)
* Officer & Standard (Free)
Nicia, Tear of Vengeance (3pts)


I have a pretty clear goal for my Protectorate paint scheme.  For Exemplar models, I’m going to take the classic colors and invert their placement.  This will mean white cloth and dark red armor (with white accents).  For Flameguard models, I’m going to mute the tones a bit, and skew more towards the studio scheme pictured above.  It’s a very warm, ember-like look, and I really, really like it.  I’m pretty excited, and I’m hoping to get a test model done soon.

So those are the factions I’m focused on.  Cryx, Skorne and Cygnar are all going into the closet for 2012.  Don’t fret, though.  I have big plans for those factions for next year.  Like, Battle Engine big…

Painting Goals

As I stated earlier, in 2011 I painted two 35pt armies. I’d like to get three 35pt armies finished and painted this year.  I’m going to aim for one from each of the factions, and anything beyond that is a bonus.  Since I’m also focused on Battleboxes, those lists will obviously be easier to complete than the non-battlebox ones.  I’m likely to hold off on painting Khador for the slow-grow league I’ll be running in a few months.  Instead, I’ll start with either Protectorate or Legion, or a Battlebox.  Probably a Battlebox for some variety…

Completely unrelated to Warmachine, I’m hoping to have my first Malifaux Crew finished, and I’d like to learn how to play.  Many local guys have tried and enjoyed the game, and the card-flip mechanic seems interesting.  There’s a tournament mid-February, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to make it, and be fully painted by the time I’m done.

Is that... Is that a fanny pack?

Gaming Goals

I don’t consider myself a competitive gamer – I often play because someone wants to learn, or I have to because there’s one odd guy out on game night, and I feel bad he doesn’t get to play a game.  I’d like to be more comfortable with my armies, and I’d like to be more confident with my play style.

For instance: my Butcher1 army and my Morghoul1 army are easy for me to play now.  I have them down fairly well.  I know I’m doing well with those, because I know most of my model’s stats without looking at the cards.  That tells me I’ve played them enough that I’m very familiar with how stuff works.  That said, I still flub the order of operations with my Skorne, and I still have maneuvering issues with the Khador.

I’d also like to compete in a tournament.

I think that’s enough rambling and theory-craft for now.  I have Typhon to finish up for the Clash of the Titans, as well as a min unit of half finished Skorne Swordsmen.  I’m going to wrap those up this weekend, and then see if I can’t pound out a battlebox before Templecon.

What Battlebox you’d like to see painted?  Trolls, Circle, Protectorate or Cryx?

What are your gaming & hobby related goals for 2012?

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  • Some nice goals that you have set for yourself, however I think you are really selling yourself short cutting armies off at 35pts. 50pt games are very fun, especially at tier 4. Also what happens if you play a 35pt tournament and one of the missions require reinforcements? I know 35pt list are nice and easy to paint up (for the most part) and usually have a good mix of model choices, but I think you are really limiting yourself tactically by only choosing to paint the models in a given list.

    • I’ve only played one 50pt game, and it took forever! 35 is the norm at my LGS, so that’s where I’ve set my sights. Once I get some stuff painted and I get more familiar with these lists, I’ll look at growing them and adding reinforcements.

      • I’d recommend giving 50 points a bit more of a punt. Most of the tournaments round here run to 50 points and it doesn’t seem to cause any speed issues. The only time I’ve really had trouble with a >35 point game was playing 100 points with 2 casters…

        50 gives you chance to flesh out the tier lists a bit more and to make the game more about the army, rather than being all aboot the caster.

        • I think I may try 42pt games. It’s supposed to be a nice blend between the speed of 35pt games, and the flexibility of 50pts. It’s just enough extra to be different and fun.

          have to set that sort of game up ahead of time though, since it’s an unconventional size around here!

    • I agree that 50 point games are a lot of fun as they allow for more model selection, but the few that I’ve played take a long time (compared to a 35 pt game) to play. The way I look at it, I only get to play every other Thursday evening, generally from about 6:30-10:00(ish). I can either play most of (or all of if I’m lucky) a 50 point game or I can play one full 35 point game and maybe squeeze in most of a second one during that time.

      As for the reinforcements, I don’t know about most folks, but I have enough models over the 35 point level to field any reinforcements.

      I’m not knocking 50 point games, mind you, they just take too long. Though if I used a chess clock (or similiar) they would most likely be much quicker.

      • Agreed. It’s not that I don’t enjoy 50pt games (the one I’ve played). It’s just I have about 3 hours at the store on game night, and I rarely get to finish a 35pt game in that time, so I have no idea how I;d get a 50pt one done. Unless, as you said, we used chess clocks.

        I wouldn’t mind seeing our meta get a little faster at playing games, but I’m not going to force anything on people.

        I think with everyone gearing up for Templecon, most of our casual players will get a taste for competitive play, and hopefully they enjoy it.

  • I imagine you’ve seen it, but if not there’s (the beginning of) a tutorial on that orange Legion scheme. Hopefully I didn’t mangle the HTML too much. It’s a sharp-looking scheme, and one that I’ve been considering myself.

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