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[Unboxing] Thagrosh, Painter of Everblight

[Unboxing] Thagrosh, Painter of Everblight

Whenever there’s a con, I try and get together with some friends and doa combined bits order.  We get to snag whatever odd things we need to repair models, and we get to order some of the awesome, limited edition models that Privateer Press makes available.

Tis go around, during Warmachine Weekend, I’ll admit that I was upset that the Blighted Bather didn’t make an appearance.  She had sold out before out order was filled during Gen Con in August, ad my group missed out on getting ours.  Those misaligned feelings were quickly disregarded when I saw this beautiful lug:


Not only is he a fun alternate sculpt, but he’s one that gives a nod towards one of the often disregarded (by manufacturers and event organizers) and my favorite part of the wargaming realm: the hobby.  Of course, I ordered one.

So, let’s have a look at what comes in the blister!

We knew from the description of the vanilla resculpt that he was going to be metal and resin.  But what bits are what?


As you can see, the cloak/kilt and legs are resin and everything else is metal.

The 360 of the vanilla model gives you a better sense of the details, so I won’t bore you with closeups and pictures of the joints – they’re all really tight and clean.

What I will show you, however, is the mini Juggernaut (because admit it, that’s really what you wanted to see)!


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  • IS there a slot in the hand for the jack to fit in, or are we supposed to clip that tab off? I’m assembling mine tonight and theres no slot and I’m not sure if I got the prophets hand by mistake or if its the same for both models.

    • Joseph,

      I clipped the tab off. I think that tab’s just like the one under the feet of normal models – it’s a casting aid. I also imagine they wouldn’t go through the work of molding and casting two separate versions of the big hand.

      Good Luck, and let me know how yours turns out!

  • Cheers. Shame he doesn’t come with a tiny base too. I think I’ll clip mine off and pin it to the hand. Or buy 200 of these and play Warmachine Titan Legions.

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