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Stormclad Conversion

Stormclad Conversion

I hate the Stormclad’s banner.  It’s huge, obnoxious, and a pain to pack the model with it attached.  It also doesn’t really adhere to the rest of the lightning themed models in the faction.

I decided to fix that.

The conversion itself was fairly simple.  I started with the legs (as I always do).  The stock pose is fairly static – both legs are straight, and there’s no sense of movement at all.  I sliced the left one off at the hip, cut off the toes and re-assembled the leg angled back some.  The legs were then pinned to the base, and I sculpted new toes (which were really just a very small wedge).
Next, I cut off the smoke stacks, and flattened the nubs they are on.  The large coil is from the Thunderhead kit, as are the small coils (from his hands).  The large coil has a little plate on the back, and is upturned on the opposite edge.  The upturned edge mates with the top of the chassis fairly nicely, and the little plate on the back rests just above the release valve on the boiler.  I simply used a big blob of green stuff to give the coil something to sit on, and help it meld with the rest of the model.
The small coils are from the fists of the Thunderhead, and they simply got glued onto the boiler.  I used green stuff to make them look a little more integrated, rather than just slapped on.
Lastly, the head was pinned on, and the pin was left long enough for me to angle the head a bit.  Another blob of green stuff supports the head, I didn’t want to leave it entirely to the pin.

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