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Hexeris & Razorwurm WIP

Hexeris & Razorwurm WIP

Spent some time enjoying the new wet palette and glazes as I worked on Hexeris this week.  At this point, he’s about 90% done.  Some details need to be fixed, and I have to do the black undergarmets, but that’s about it.  Oh, and the green bits need highlights.

One of the crucial beasts for Hexeris is the Razorwurm.  It has eyeless sight, and since Hexy can make one of his beasts a channeler for his spells, this little guy essentially becomes an arcnode that ignores concealment, cover, stealth and other shenanigans.  All for 4 pts.

This guy’s around 60% complete.  I need to do metallics, highlight the belly area, and do the little nails on his feets as well as the big ol’ spike on his head.

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  • Think you need to hit Hexy with the Extoller's ability to envoy the full suite of 'ignores'.

  • Hexeris is nice, but I'm lovin' the razorworm! How much do you have left to paint up in your Skorne army?

  • LOL everything needs to be painted! I have a min unit of Swordsmen primed and bases done. I'm going to knock out the brass tonight – it's the sloppiest part of the scheme. I'm really hoping to have them mostly done by Thursday.

    I really need to ramp up my painting if I'm going to have a fully painted army at Blob's Park in a month.

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