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Ironback Scoffer

Ironback Scoffer

Following along with the Blacktie Wrastler in the Collective of Genteel Gatorfolk, Faultie has worked up this wonderful character:

Those who cannot do become critics. In the high-society world of the gatorgents, jealous of the acting and combat capacity of the Blackties, the Ironhide spews vitriolic criticism at his enemies, with the capacity to physically kill. Despite his foul demeanor, he is a true patron of the arts, and is never seen without his Playbill and opera glasses.
Faultie has done all mod work to the model itself, however I was charged with manifesting his anger with an Opera Box style railing, which he has ripped apart in his fury.
The railing is made from 1/8″ (3/64″?) brass tube and 22 GA copper wire.  I bent the tube around my Master’s Brush Cleaner top, which has the same diameter as a can of soda.  I then used my fingers and carefully tightened the curve, so that it roughly conformed to the curve of the base.  I then set it back on the base, towards the model’s feet, to give the impression that he is leaning over the railing yelling at whomever is unlucky enough to warrant his attention.
I marked four spots on the tube, and drilled four holes.  I then cut four pieces of copper wire and glued them into the holes.  Four holes were drilled into the resin decking base, and the railing glued into place.
At this point, I pulled the model off the base (since Faultie will likely paint them separately) and used my jeweler’s saw to cut out a section roughly the same size as the model’s fist.  I used a super small pair of channel-lock pliers to warp the tube so it looked like it has been bent prior to being ripped apart.
A pair of pins went into the model’s fist, so that the tube bits would have something to hold on to.  I then too the chunk of tube I had removed, beat up the ends and then chopped off the bent up ends.  After cleaning the hole in the tube with a drill bit (so it would fit over the pins) the two tube bits were glued onto each side of the fist, giving the illusion that the broken part of the railing is crushed in his grip.
I think Faultie’s modifications came out splendidly, and I’m very happy I was able to contribute something to this awesome, unique model.  Look for it completely painted in the next Clash of the Titans entry on Lost Hemisphere!
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  • "You call that acting? What is this garbage in place of the dialogue? Where's the feeling and emotion?! RAWR!!!"

    *eats all the actors*


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