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Of Conversions and Cummerbunds

Of Conversions and Cummerbunds

So, it’s been a while without a model related update, so I have a good set of stuff for you!

First, some progress on the highly anticipated Collective of Genteel Gatorfolk.  Yes, I’m talking about a cummerbund!  

The strap was the first piece to go on.  It was simply a flattened sausage that I let cure for about an hour before supergluing in place.  Next, the cummerbund was rolled out, shaped and let cure for about half an hour while I worked on the buckle.  After getting the buckle where I wanted it, I added the lines on the cummerbund.  I then glued the buckle on and then laid the cummerbund into place.  I used my size 6 color shapers (Thanks, Mom!) and gently pressed it so it fit into the form of the model.  It’s not glued into place yet, but once it dries I’ll glue it if it feels too loose.

Next up, I have a Carnivean turned Ravagore!  

I bits ordered the Ravagore’s head and stat card a while ago with this conversion in mind.  Since they’re essentially the same model, just with different heads and lack or presence of elbows, I figured this was a super cheap way to get a Ravagore!  I put the two head halves together and the filled the bowl in the back with green stuff.  A drop of water went onto the greenstuff to act as lubericant, and I pressed the head onto the Carnivean body and positioned it just so.  I then pulled the head back off without disturbing the greenstuff (thank you mister water droplet) and let it cure.  Some I then glued it on.  Once the glue was dry, I drilled through the throat into the body and put in a long pin, allowing me to pin on the flame effect.  Hurrah!

Since I’ve completely failed to get my 10 points done for April, I’ll just post what I did get done.  60% of a titan Gladiator.

The skin’s good, but the red and metals need to be finished.  It really just boils down to 2 coats of brass, a red wash and then some glazing for the actual painted armor.  I know that’s all I have left, I just can’t find the motivation.

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