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Pump Wagon Bases

Pump Wagon Bases

Because De-motivational posters are hip, right?

It’s been a while!  Sorry for that.

Pump Wagons

I was told to match the snotling pump wagon bases with those used by GW on the Moria Goblins from their LoTR line.  (Which I blame for their high prices on models, but I won’t go there today).

However, I was to add some sprue bricks, about the length of a model’s foot.  Here’s what I came up with:

I used three sizes of flock:  Fine, Medium and Coarse – the same mixture I’m using on my Skorne.  It’s about 2:1:1 mixture of Fine : Medium : Coarse.  
The sprue bricks are just chunks of sprue.  I clipped them, then used a hobby knife to square up the ends.  I then chewed on them a bit (after washing the sprue in soapy water – who knows what mold release agent will do to you?).  This gave them a nice beat-up look.
I then primed it black – and hit it with three layers of drybrushing: Codex Grey (GW), Fortress Grey (GW) and then Adepticon Grey (GW Foundation).  The Codex Grey layer went on everywhere evenly.  The other two then went on in random areas.  This gives the base a bit of depth and flavor, rather than a uniform blend. Of course, I’ll clean up the base edges with black, but I’ll do that after I get final approval of the bases.
I have been working on the Skorne Titan Gladiator.  All the silver areas are now brass!  Yay!  Next step is the red painted armor areas, and then some washes and it’s done.  Sorry, no pictures at the moment.

I’ve finished assembling the Praetorian Swordsmen and their UA.  I’m so glad their UA is using both hands to hold the banner – it’s an extra contact point, and the banner’s nicely centered over the base.  Awesome!  I also just received a full unit of Cataphract Cetratii + Vorkesh as well as a full unit of Venator Reivers + UA. Their bases have been cleaned and flocked, and assembly will start shortly.  
Collective of Genteel Gatorfolk
The gatorgents are coming along slowly.  Now that the cummerbund is done, I’m looking at how to go about the french cuffs and top hat.  Also, a champagne glass…
Upcoming Tutorials
On the tutorial front, I’m ordering lots of pinning material, because I have some Iron Fang Pikemen to do pole swaps on, as well as some Skorne Cetratii weapons and back banner things.   So, look forward to some more picture packed, detail oriented tutorials!  Yay!

Leave some!  The more feedback I get (comments, forum replies, etc) the more motivated I am to post new stuff!  If you have questions, ask them!  If you want to see something, tell me!  If you have an idea for a post, say so!
Please, leave feedback!  
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  • Damn thing wouldn't let me edit my comment! Looks like you're getting back into the groove of getting things done bro! Must see more progress on Faultie's Gators! I'm stoked to see that tophat!!

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