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Basecoats and Trainboats

Basecoats and Trainboats

I carved out some time last night to paint, and was surprised how much I got done.  I think my productivity was increased by the fact that I wasn’t watching a show, but instead listening to Jim Butcher’s Q & A at a recent book signing – ie, something I didn’t have to watch to understand and fully enjoy.

Anyway, I wanted to get some base coats down on my minimum unit of Praetorian Swordsmen, so I got the big brass basecoat done.  Brass takes two layers, since it’s coverage is horrible.  Because of this, I usually only do the first coat half-heartedly, and thus rush it.  Thus, it’s sloppy.  So, instead of doing metallics last, I did the brass first.  I think it’s the much better way to go, since I got all six models base coated in about an hour.
Of course, now I’ll spend an entire night cleaning up all the sloppyness with my Windsor 7 and black, but that’s OK.
Once these were basecoated, I decided to finish up a side project I started earlier in the week.
You see, last weekend, the Good Lord Faultimus and I got in a small game of Dystopian Wars.  We shot eachother’s boats (or flying boats in his case) and rolled some dice.  His tactics were superior to mine, however his dice failed him miserably.  Regardless, it was fun, and got me inspired to finish up a small 3-member squad of Trainboat Frigates!
Honestly, the hardest part of these boats, is an original stripe pattern for each one.
A local store had Spartan Games stuff 60% off, so I picked up a set of Cruisers for the Trainboats, which are medium sized models, and will help me balance out my force (since I didn’t start off with the starter kit).
Also, Faultimus ditched his Firestorm Armada Sorylian Fleet in favor of some newer ones that are coming out.  The Sorylians look like trains also, so naturally, I had to have them:
So, in the near future, be on the lookout for SPACETRAINS!!
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  • looking very good. I always think there's not enough time to paint but like you I'm surprised at how much I actually get done; just a little bit everyday.


  • Space-trains!

    I played Firestorm tonight, and it only reinforced my love for this scale and style of gaming. We must play again Sunday.


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