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Sorylian Frigate and Skorne Swordsmen WIP

Sorylian Frigate and Skorne Swordsmen WIP

Since I’ve been itching to try out the highlighting black recipe Ghool mentioned on Hand Cannon Online, I couldn’t help myself when I got my hands on the Sorylian spaceships.  This is a frigate, and all I’ve done is pick out the armor panels.  I think it looks pretty sleek:


Also, work on the Skorne Swordsmen continues.  I got down a base coat of Red Gore over the weekend:
I’m not sure yet if I like this whole “base bronze before red” method, but I’m going to hold final judgement until I see the end product.  So far, I think the balance between red and bronze is working.  Remember, the model will be a bit lighter overall once I get the flesh tones in.
The unit is coming along faster and more painless than I had anticipated.  This is a good thing!  Yay!
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  • sorry about that, I've been having problems posting comments.

    Like the highlighting on the frigate and am curious to see how the swordsmen turn out. Any chance you're going to try the speed painting method that was on HCO as well?

  • Hey Plarzoid,

    Both pics look good. I know it might be a space train, but it sure does look like a sci-fi rifle of sorts!

    Anyway, regarding the Skorne – I actually spray mine red, and then paint the gold/bronze trimmings with Vallejo's Oro Liquido – alcohol-based gold paint with a much better coverage compared to the acrylic ones. Think it's pretty fast, actually – I can see the reason for the bronze spray for the same reason I switched from acrylic metallics.

    Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  • @Michael – I'd heard that before about alcohol based paints. My question to you is, do you have any problems trying to mix the two kinds of paint (alcohol & acrylic)?

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