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 It’s the SPRIGGAN!!

He’s the only warjack that jousts, and he’s incredibly versatile on the battlefield.

He haz shield.

 After taking this, I definitely feel that the edge highlights on the grey are too strong.  I’ll probably try to tone them down a bit before sealing the model.  I’m very happy with how the blends turned out though.

And haz stick

 This shot really shows off the metallics and the glow from the face.  Having used it a bit more now, I’m a huge fan of P3’s Brown Ink.  It’s what I use to shade the bronze.  The face glow is P3 Arcane Blue layered up to GW Skull White in about 4 layers.

Also, buttflap.

 The fire tidbits were Khador Red Highlight for the darkest part, then Heartfire, then Cygnus Yellow.  I[‘m not 100% sold on the fire tidbits up on the top part of the ‘jack, what do you think?

Also, this is the first Khador ‘jack with my scheme, what do you think of the Grey and Red?

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  • Wowza…Can you bring this tonight? I’d love to see it in person, this is seriously one fantastic looking warjack! I think the the highlights on the greys are just right and the face…Good Lawd, dat face! Bravo sir, bravo.

    • Love the Spriggan model. It’s a fantastic sculpt, and I would probably have eleventy-billion if I could afford that many.

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