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[Jr 2014] Week 3

[Jr 2014] Week 3

So, no game last night.  I ran a demo for some new comers, and got a few half-games of Netrunner in.  Jinteki hurts.  A lot.

I’ve signed up for a tournament next weekend.  Not my usual bag, but there’s a best Painted Army award, so I’m after that, primarily.  I’ll take any wins I can get, but not going to focus too hard on that.

This means I *must* get the WGI and Joe polished off, and get the snow effect done on all the bases by next weekend.  Essentially, everything I skipped to get ready for Templecon.

  • 2-brush shade & highlight greys on WGI + Joe
  • 2-brush highlight blacks on WGI + Joe
  • Dust off Conquest
  • 2-brush highlight blacks on Conquest
  • Snow effect on bases
  • Arc Markings on everyone

*deep breath*

Wish me luck.  Stay tuned throughout the weekend for updates.

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