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Bronze and bases

Bronze and bases

A weekend update here. Got the bronzes done Saturday. Carefully putting down two layers of bronze everywhere took a bit of time. Especially when I can’t screw up and get bronze on the ‘blackmetal’ areas – it’s really hard to repair an oops like that.

Today, I polished off the bases. Sand fell off one, so I’ll have to fix it after the glue sets, but for the most part they’re good to go. Two different greys give it a bit of depth while keeping the ‘ashen wasteland’ feel.

Lastly, the Hero’s rock came out awesome. I think it looks sufficiently rocky. Not too bad for my first terrain feature sculpted out of foam!

Anyway, here are the pics:

And here’s a group shot showing off the general ratio of bronze to ‘blackmetal’. I think there’s enough bronze for it to be a nice accent color, and emphasize that these guys are dwarfs and thus masters of metal working.


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