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Horse Legs

Horse Legs

Ok, so tonight’s project was to get the horse parts done. Four got brownish hair, and the other four got grey. The grey sort of melds right into the ‘blackmetal’, but there are dirty, grundgy chaos dwarves, so it suits their dark nature.

Again, while it doesn’t look like much, there’s four layers on each leg and with them already on bases, the insides of some legs are hard to get to. It took me both Sherlock Holmes, and Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull to get these done – almost 4 hours!

Some of the drybrushing got on the hooves, but that’ll get fixed in final touch-ups when I also go over the base edges to get rid of any drybrushing from doing the bases. Part of the whole speed painting idea is to only use a given color once, so I’ll do all the black touchups at once.

Tomorrow – beards and horns!

Here’s the closeups:

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