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Third time’s the charm! (Lylyth)

Third time’s the charm! (Lylyth)

So, after quite a bit of input from the Privateer Press Forum, I’ve addressed a few problems with my scheme.

First, my beast skin lacked depth – This was fixed with a layer of highlights followed by a watered down black wash. I also re-highlighted the shredder’s scales and added just a touch of white to his spines.

Secondly, Lylyth’s armor was way too bright, and the highlights far too thick. I blended in the highlights a bit and then knocked down the brightness of the armor with two brown washes and a black wash. This way, I kept the depth and texture but dimmed the glaring brightness. I also used a watered down blue wash to smooth her cloak a bit – this also deepened and enriched the color just a tad.

Lastly, I was able to get the first layer of skin down on the Carnivean! This is 3 layers of skin tone (basecoat Grey -> 1:1 Grey and Flesh -> 1:3 Grey and Flesh) followed by a strong black wash, concentrated on the recesses and folds of the skin. From here, he’ll get a nother coat of the 1:1 and 1:3 and then a watered down wash to finalize the skin.

I’m hoping to get the Carnivean done this weekend.  Stay tuned (Subscribe)!

Tomorrow is Foodmachine at Dream Wizards in Rockville.  I’m fairly excited to get to play some more games and hopefully, I’ll have some pictures from the event!

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  • Dude bro, I'm really liking that Shredder!! I also think what you did with Lylyth armor to dim it down looks much better as well.

  • I think so too, at least in the pictures. I'm really looking forward to the rest of your carnivean pics and posts as I have to paint one for a friend's army. How much do you thin down your paints, if at all?

  • Thanks guys!

    @Mugu: I've gotten used to using a wet palette (made from a PP blister and butcher paper) so I'm not 100% on the paint-water ratio – it's kind of a feel thing. You want the paint thick enough that it's not transparent, yet thin enough it stays wet while on the brush. My camera can do video, gimme a day or two and I'll see if I can't come up with something to help in this area.

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