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Another day, Another …

Another day, Another …

…basecoat color.

You thought I was gonna say dollar, didn’t you?  Ha!  Horrible excuses for jokes aside, I’ve been crankin’ away on my OGJ models.  With the skin done, the only things left are scale, details (teeth, red gums), and the armor on the Nephilim, and basing of course.

Without adieu…

The converted carnivean:

Nephilim Bolt Thrower


Spell Martyr

And, the customary group shot:

I can tell with every photo that my lightbox desperately needs lighting on the sides. Someday.

On a completely unrelated note, I am fairly certain that I’ll be attending Templecon. Enough circumstances have collided that I should be able to go, so that will be awesome. Special thanks to my wife, for while I’m away having fun and being a nerd, she’ll be making countless trips from old apartment to new condo, moving all our crap.

With that in mind, I’ll be packing as much stuff as possible to make said trips as painless for her as possible. Between packing sessions, I’m hoping to wrap these up ASAP. Having a three day weekend this weekend will certainly help.

Lastly, next week I’m helping a friend polish off his Farrow army so he can run fully painted. Should be a nice change from the aquablight, and a fun exercise in speed painting.

‘Til next time, Peace.

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  • I'm liking that color scheme man!!! I've been keeping my eye on the OGJ too :D. I've been slacking this week, I need some of your motivation lol! But really liking that hawk turqoise is it not? Can't wait to see em' finished up!

  • Looking good as usual. Your Carnivian looks like he's about to chow down on something. You can not even tell that is was a repose your greenstuffing is that flawless.

    What shade of blue is that? I really like that color.

  • It's Hawk Turquoise, a Games Workshop color. I think it's discontinued though. I have a mostly full pot, so I should be OK to get all my legion done.

    Thanks for the comments!

  • yea, it's a nice color. I think i still have 3-4 pots of it. I used to work for GW back in the day and had like 5 full paint sets for some odd reason lol.

    What's your highlight going to be? or just mixing turqoise with white a little?

  • The aqua will get a blue wash, then the basecoat is used as a broad highlight. I'll then do a 50/50 aqua and white (likely drybrushed for time) with pure white picking out ridges and edges.

    Since the carapace is bone of sorts, I'm OK with it looking a bit chalky and rough, so drybrushing will actually help.

  • ooooh that will be nice. now I'm looking forwad to seeing that! I think you picked a good color palette too. I'm digging the grey as well.

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