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Kerchev WIP 1

Kerchev WIP 1

So, while I wait for my Legion primer coat to cure, I’m working on Karchev.  I got the model as a conversion.  I have all of his upper half, but the legs from a Devaatator were used, and there was no skirt for him.  So…

Devastator legs are very static.  I want Karchev to be very dynamic.  Thus, something had to be done!  The following cut was made with my jeweler’s saw (after the tab was removed):

This allowed me to rotate the left leg back into a “pushing off the ground” pose.  With the other one firmly planted, he’ll look like he’s lumbering forward.  I also cut a little into the left foot.  Just enough to ‘score’ the line between toes and foot.  That let me bend up his toes.  Here’s the result with the new left leg pinned to the body (but not yet glued)

So far, so good! Now, to scratch build a skirt!

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  • Such a simple yet so effective pose change. You can consider this one "snagged" as I plan to use this on the next Khador model I get.

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