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Skornish Growth

Skornish Growth

A few weeks ago I stumbled across a find on  I snagged a full Praetorian Swordsmen unit for 50% off!  I love finding PP models used.  Since they’re (basically) all metal, I know I can strip them, no matter what condition they are in.  These were easy though.  After pulling the super glue off, a quick inventory shows I have everything I’ll need to assemble them (except I’m 1 base short…).

Also in the assembly line is a 2 pt model that will push the Beast Handlers out of position for painting this month:  the Venator Flayer Cannon!  PG_Lonely_Monk recently wrote a review of Skorne’s artillery models, and I’ve wanted a Flayer Cannon for a while now.  It’s only 2 pts, fits into Xerxis’ theme force, and offers some nice damage output against both hordes of infantry and harder targets.  It gets more powerful the large the enemy base is (+1 against medium, +2 against large), and it has strafe for D3 total attacks.  Not bad.  That’s up to 3 POW 12s or 3 POW 14s against a ‘beast or ‘jack.  While that seems lackluster at first glance, remember it’s coming at RAT7 and range 14.  
The model looks pretty good too, though it looks to be about as easy to assemble as the battlebox was.
Here’s what the parts look like out of the box, and mocked up with sticky-tac.  I’ll definitely need to pin this.

Also, it should be perfect for Lost Hemisphere’s April Paint the Target challenge.

The last model related update for you today is a WIP of the Titan Gladiator!  I got the skin basecoated as well as most of the red panels.

The reds need another coat or two, but the skin’s ready for the next layer.  I’m hoping the skin will be as easy as a brown wash (haven’t decided which one yet) and some dry-brushing.  Since this guy lives out in the desert, I’m fine with his skin being a bit chalky.  We’ll see how it turns out.

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