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… on the Snotling Pump Wagons!  I finally got all my parts in (except for the snotlings themselves).  Between the 50mm bases, Skaven Screaming Bell wheels and Starbucks Stirring sticks, here’s what I came up with after about two hours of fiddling around.

The snotling in the last picture was provided by the client along with lots of extra spiky bits and stuffs.

Right now it almost feels too big.  The front wheels are almost twice the size of a snotling.  However, that fits right into the comical nature of the orcs and goblins.
Tell me what you think about it!  For reference, the studio model can be viewed here.
When ordering the bits for the Pump Wagons, I stumbled across a pair of Cyclone Chain Guns for my magnetized Cygnar Heavy ”jack.  Some thin magnets later, and viola:

You may notice that the left hand is missing.  Since this model originally came from the battle Box, the only right fist I have is for the Ironclad and has a giant mace in it.  Thus starts the quest to find the bit!, here I come!
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  • Hey brother, I have a few extra GW plastic wagon wheels if you need them. I also think I have some old GW snotlings too.

    But it looks good so far, are you going to have a second level or something similar to the GW reference pic you linked to?


  • Yes, a second story will be added. I have enough wheels now, but I'll never have enough snotlings.

    I also need to get my hands on plastic snotlings from the Fanatics sprue – good throwing bomb poses there.

    I also need to get some wooden rods. So much to do!!


  • looks cool man! I remember the first snotling wagons way back when (I played Fantasy from 3rd Ed-7th Ed.). I think yours will be sweet when it's done. Should make a snotling hot rod :D. I think I still have some of the old snotlings too, I'll look and see, if so, I'll also send them your way bro. Looking forward to seeing the next WIP on the wagon!


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