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Shocktroopers: Plastic vs Metal 2

Shocktroopers: Plastic vs Metal 2

So, we’ve seen all the individual parts, but how do the models compare side by side, fully assembled?

Well, take a look for yourself!

Seeing them side-by-side, we see that the metal model is a tad taller and thinner, and the new plastics are a bit shorter and wider.  Also, the Plastic Torso is linger and more pointed in the front.

Taking a look at the shoulderpads, you can see how the pads being a separate piece forces them into a flatter angle, broadening the torso, and bulking it out just a bit.  I think the pads are the same size on the two models, however the Plastic ones just have a greater volume.

Another cool thing about the plastics?  Magnet-ization!

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