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Pink Sorscha
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    • Shush you! I’m not terribly happy with how the face turned out, honestly. I do have a second plastic Sorscha, so I can call this one good enough for demos, and try again on the other one.


      • Naaaah, I’m just messing with you.

        I think the face came out great. Maybe the lips just need some color (not a lot though! She’s no harlot!). Maybe a dab of that really light pink? And you can give her the glowy eyes like we did with my Strakhov.


        • harr, harr!

          I didn’t do any eyes on Butcher, but he’s all squinty.

          Like I said, she’s good for demos and she’s tabletop quality. I have another of her, so next year I’ll paint it up and we’ll see how much I’ve improved.


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