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Road to Templecon 2014: Painting Update

Road to Templecon 2014: Painting Update

Several locals and I got together over the weekend to do some painting. I mostly airbrushed during our get-together, base coating every model in the picture from last week, along with Drago and Butcher 1 (the new resculpt).  I would show you pictures of the primed models, but it’s just a big black blob of models.

Once priming was done, I pulled out the most immediately useful models, and started blocking out their colors.  I started with the Winterguard UA & Standard Bearer (converted to be holding the flag from the Man-O-War Kovnik), Butcher 1, and the War Dog.  I want to get Butcher and the Dog done, since I’ll need them in two weeks for our local winter event.  I grabbed the UA because they were something that could be immediately added to my existing min-unit of Winterguard and thus be immediately playable.

It’s only now, in hindsight, that I realize I’ve left myself few “reward” models from what needs to be done.  I still have Vlad, the Iron Fang Kovnik (IFK) and the Iron Fang Black Dragon UA…

Anyway, onto the actual painting!

I started off with blocking out the grey with P3 Greatcoat Grey, and then the basis for the red panels in P3 Sanguine Base.  From there, I started adding layers of P3 Khador Red, 2-brush blending each one into the base coat.  I painted a layer of flesh when I need a break from the red.  P3 Khardic Flesh for the guys, P3 Midlund Flesh for the lady (Winterguard Officer). Both of these colors are great, and cover over black in just three coats.

Here’s the Butcher.  I used the studio model pictures for figuring out what bits of the panels were light and dark, the 3D spinning model view really helped.  I’m so excited to finally be painting this model – Butcher1’s my favorite Khador caster, and I had a decent chance to get used to playing him with the Pink Khador, and I’m ready to keep playing him under my own red and grey Khadoran flag!



Speaking of… here’s the WGI Standard Bearer.  I’m very happy with how the flag has turned out.  I’m looking for ideas on what to freehand onto the flag, so post your thoughts below.



Also, I have the unit of Battle Mechanics nearly complete as well. They stalled out on my at the painting session, since I’d left my Gryphonne Sepia at home, and needed it to keep going on their canvas pouches.



I need to do something special for their goggles, and the metallics need a touch up, but I’ll take care of that stuff when I hit the details stage of the other models.


It feels so good to be painting again.

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  • Are you doing the unbreakable hundredandwhatever scheme? I think that’s red and grey too. If so then the choice is easy. Otherwise a patriotic anvil never misses.


    • No, I hadn’t heard of the Unbreakable 111th until I did some searching based on your comment. That sounds like a hell of a group to be, though. I need to dig out my Forces of: Khador book now and read up some more on this group, they may be just the bit of inspiration I’m looking for.



  • Do you know where there’s tutorials online for that shading technique you use to blend the base with the red on the shoulder pads? I’ve looked and haven’t found a really good description of it.


    • It’s mostly 2-brush blending. There are some videos out there on YouTube. I hope to have my 2-brush blending video up… eventually? I lie, I haven’t even recorded it yet.


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