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Khador Black & Pinks, 35pts

Khador Black & Pinks, 35pts

Two weeks ago was the last week of our Slow Grow League.  In order to hit the 35pt T4 mark, I had to paint up a pair of Manhunters.  I’m really happy that there are two sculpts – both look fantastic, and have loads of personality.

The manhuntress is spring loaded and ready to go, while the Manhunter is basically mid-stride and about to lop off some heads.

When led by Yuri, they ignore forests completely, as well as any models or obstructions inside a forest.  Rawr!

With those two solos done, the army is done for 35pts.  I’ve submitted it to the Paint it Pink painting competition, and we’ll see how it does!

For now, enjoy the full army shot!


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  • Wow. They look impresive. Even if I would not choose this color scheme for my models it looks great on yours. Only the browns on the Manhunters don’t seem to fit the other colors.


    • Thanks! I really like how everything turned out.

      The Manhunters don’t really fit, I agree, but being the only models covered in leather and not armor, there’s not much one can do. IMO the heavy tans and barely any pink and black is a sort of inversion of the scheme, where the tan leather replaces the gold trim but is the primary color with pink and black playing as accents. If you blur your eyes a bit, it works :p

      Out of curiosity, how would you have painted them to make them fit in better?


  • I think they look great as is, though you could have gone with darker browns to more closely match the black on the warjacks if you’d wanted to and been fine. But again, I think they look great as is.


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