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Aquablight Test Scheme: Part 5

Aquablight Test Scheme: Part 5

After last week’s post with the red, I got lots of feedback. Some was about whether or not the red worked, others had thoughts on alternate color choices and ways to incorporate them.

One of the key pieces of advice was that I should be thinking about using other colors in my shading as well as an accent / secondary color. I immediately re-worked the thigh armor pads with a mix of P3 Coal Black and P3 Sanguine Base, giving the shadows a purpl-y, redish hue rather than just straight up “dark teal”.  I then used the exact same mix to shade the red cloth, tying the two colors together a bit.


Then, I thought I’d do what teh majority of people wanted, and I tried purple. Shading purple is fairly easy. Highlighting it, less so.


Then I tried out blue, just because. I again used that Coal Black / Sanguine Base combo to shade.


And then I tried green, just for the hell of it.


So, at this point, I’m not sure what to do.  I liked the red, but it’s fairly bright and lots of people thought it was garish.  The purple looks alright, but it’s a pain to actually paint (until I figure out a better way).  I think the blue works, but gets just as lost in the model as the original teal did.  The green, I like because it keeps the cool (vs warm) look of the model, but adds some flavor.

What say you?

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  • I think aqua and purple is the way to go — but I thought that with Danny’s commission, too. Have you thought about shades of brown?

  • I’d like to see them beside your beasts with how that color would be used on them if you plan to.

    Do you intend to do all the colors in this way? You might want to go with the blue for the standard guys like swordsmen or hexhunters or striders as they are mimicing the coloring of the beasts. Then keep the red or green or whatever to be on special models like Thagrosh and his honor guard of legionaires.

    For me the green would demand a light skin tone, greyish or ultrawhite-blue.

    I think the purple suffers from a monotone while your blue really pops with a teal highlight. That makes me think you yourself don’t want to do the purple. Maybe something halfway between the red and puple? Like a purpley-maroon ?

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