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Studio Update, Jan 15, 2015

Studio Update, Jan 15, 2015

Oh boy, Templecon’s getting closer.

Before I get to that, I want to show you the finished Necromunda Clown Guardsmen gang Commission.  This was a sculpting & painting job.  While I’m confident in my painting abilities, my sculpting is something I’m working on, so this job was a fun and simple way to try out some things and do some learning.  One of the major boons for this project was that the client already had some pieces of the gang done, and sent to them to me, so I had examples of what he wanted, on hand.  This helped me keep the aesthetic he wanted and color match where appropriate.

Anyway, onto the pictures.   I worked on the four models on cork stands, the three on the bottom row were the samples he sent.



So, that’s all done and wrapped up. Huzzah!

On the Aquablight front, I’ve made a minor change to my list. I’m swapping out the Raptors for a Seraph and a Succubus. This does a few things. One, it lets me increase threat ranges with Slipstream. If I need two extra inches on Thagrosh or any of the other heavies, I can do that. I also get some more shooting into the list. This does leave Anyssa all on her own, but that makes her less of a buff for the Raptors and more of a scalpel, using Prey to take out a key support piece before she draws too much attention. The most important advantage, is that I only need to paint one model. Actually, I already have a Seraph painted, though I’ll need to re-do it’s wings. If I have time, I’m going to build up and paint one of the newer sculpts, but that’s only if I have the time.


I recently spent a fair bit of time on the Ravagore, and it’s now only needing the white frosting, and it’s flame bit painted (with accompanying OSL). Next up is the Carnivean, leaving Thagrosh, the Succubus, the Spawning Vessel and the last few Legionnaires, who are 75% done. All in all a much better position than I was in when I needed to gap fill, base and paint five cavalry models.

There’ll be bonus points if I can get some Blight Wasps and a Neraph painted up in time too. I’d like to be able to play more than one list in Iron Arena…

What are you prepping for Templecon? Painting models? Game practice?

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  • I can’t even look at those clowns.

    Which, I guess, means you were pretty successful.

    (Reminds me of this guy on one of my old sculpting forums– everything he posted was creepy clowns. Clown after clown after clown. And not even particularly interesting looking ones. All I could think after a while was, “What the hell is wrong with this guy?!”



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