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‘Twas the holiday season and all through the land, 
everyone was travelling, models in hand.
Wrapped in bubble wrap and handled with care,
in hopes that quite safely, planes would be in the air.
For those aboard the big planes in the sky,
it’s a matter of volume, pack it tight, try, try!
Only a quart of liquid is what the TSA will allow,
That’s a tough restriction – I better figure it out now!  

   First a faction to pick, that’ll decide my colors
I have six! Oh dear…  Oh brother…
So what do I choose?  Who gets to go?
Why, the most prepared, they get the vote.
So off it was, to the model case I did fly,
To see what was ready to go – what did I find?
A Cygnar force!  Almost ready and quite strong,
I’m packing them tightly, hoping nothing goes wrong.  

    They were numerous and pointy; ready to shoot,
based carefully, all matching – how cute!
As I spied them one and all, my fears, they did wane,
I whistled and shouted, calling them all out by name:
Now Charger! Now Lancer! Defender and Squire!
On Gun Mages! On Stormblades! Go Jr and Stryker!
Into the bubble wrap, get into the box,
Pack away, pack away, quick like a fox!
Now the models are packed, and what do I spy?
Why, my case of colorful paints, and then I cry.
Which ones to choose, I can’t take them all!
Only a quart of liquids, think!  Stay on the ball.
Default Cygnar scheme, I choose,
So off to the baggie, without a second to lose.
I picked silver and brass, for metallics you see,
A dark blue and a light one, standard colors for me.
Some yellow for the Cygnus, an icon of power
Several washes for shading, they’ll save me hours!  

    So I’m ready to go, I await my flight,
I’ll admit that I’m feeling some fright.
What if they take my models, confiscate them – oh dear!
Then I read this thread, and I realized that I have nothing to fear,   Packed away tight and safely out of sight.

Happy Holidays to all, and to all, a Good Night!

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  • Dude, this literally just made me go "damn, that's awesome."

    I like how you got the Cygnar up and ready to go too!!! Looks like that ol'rowdy cleaned up easy too, w00t! I'm excited to see how they finish up!!


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