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Prep Work

Prep Work

So, I’ve been slacking recently.  I don’t have any painting done.  It’s ok though.  I’ve been preparing for the Holiday break.  See, I’ll be gone for about 2 weeks, and I plan on painting an army in that time.  I’ll be taking my Cygnar models home for the holidays, and painting them up (or trying to).

Poke ’em inna eye!

Over the past few days, I’ve been building my Cygnar force.  I got to assemble the new(ish) plastic battlebox, and I gotta say, the models look pretty sweet.  I replaced the rod in the Lancer’s uh… lance? with aluminum tube since the stock one was bent fairly badly.  I still need to build rivets into it’s base, but otherwise it’s pretty plain.  I know most weapons have some embellishments, but I just don’t have the confidence, nor time to do something fancy.

I may do something with the lance I may not.  /sigh.

You’ll notice the shield arm is sticky-tac’d on.  It’ll get glued after the body is painted – I don’t want to have to figure out how to get a brush in there…

I also magnetized the Heavy ‘jack.  It’s from the battlebox, so I don’t have a Cyclone, but what I do have is…

Here’s a group shot of the finished Battlebox with the trusty Squire!

Well, aren’t we snazzy?

I have bases drying for my ATGM + Dude and Stormblades + UA + Stormgunner. Aren’t they pretty?

They’re pretty simple. I fill in the gap with whatever I can (spare GS, the tabs I’ve cut off the models, etc) and then score the base with a nice sharp hobby knife. I cut my thumb twice, so if you’re looking to so it exactly how I did, keep that in mind.  I then apply a liberal layer of straight Elmer’s White Glue, and cover in a mix of three different ballasts. I’m using a blend of fine, medium and coarse in order to get a nice rocky rubble feel. Once that has had about 2 hours to semi-harden, I liberally coat the base with 50/50 glue and water. It helps seal the rocks together.

So, that’s what I’ve been working on. Also, my priest is level 84, and growing. Yay for all the rested XP I got while I worked on models tonight. Time to do dailies before bed.

I leave you with the other Cygnar posterboy (He and Stryker did Abercrombie ads together, and use the same hair gel), the Journeyman Warcaster!


What are your Holiday hobby goals?

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  • They are looking good! I wish I had magnetized my battlebox now…that's genius! As for holiday plans – between two separate out of state drives, a 12 year old at home all day that LOVES to play with dads "little men" I am just hoping to retain what shreds of sanity I still posses. And maybe finish my Defender and Hammersmith. But that's doubtful.

  • Thanks! I can certainly understand your sentiments. Luckily, I'll only be with little children for a few days out of my 2 weeks, so I'm hoping to have plenty of time to paint and share the hobby with relatives.

    Good luck on your 'jacks!

  • ::chuckle:: you seem to (not that I can say anything) have a lot of armies going! The plastics do look really nice. How well do you think they'd fare for conversion work? I'm looking forward to seeing your painted force. Your bases are decent, but I'll hold off until I see the finish product.

  • Indeed, my interests are far and wide. I'll simply point you towards the "My Collection" page…

    The plastics are nice. The mold lines are in some of the worst spots, and my kit was missing a piece, but they're great. Being plastic, it's so much easier to magnetize them. Having a cheap, versatile collection is what I'm all about.

    The bases may be plain now, but with some grass on them and a bit of snow, they'll look much better. All is fair in love, war and WIP.

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