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Black 13th WIP

Black 13th WIP

Last time, I showed you some WIP Full-scale Black 13th models.  I’ve since had some time to actually paint them to a decent point.  I needed to keep with the feel of my existing Cygnar scheme, but clearly define these three models as unique from the regular ATGMs that may be out on the field.

I started with a black basecoat (Vallejo Airbrush Primer), and worked the coat highlights up with Exile Blue, and then Cygnar Blue Base.  I need to reclaim some of the original black in the recesses, but it’s difficult to tell without a strong light, and the model in hand.


The coat borders were a base of Hammerfall Khaki, with Menoth White Highlight blended in for highlights.  I think these need a shade still, but I’m not convinced yet which color to use.

The gold is Rhulic Gold.  It will be washed with super watered down brown ink, and then built back up with Rhulic Gold,  Shining Gold, and then Radiant Platinum.

The Skin is my usual formula.  I took a flesh tone (Midlund Flesh in this case) and put down two layers as a base.  Then I  carefully washed the areas with some of my dwindling supply of Gryphonne Sepia.  Then, took the basecoat, and picked out the sharp edges like cheekbones, ears, noses, chins, and knuckles.  Viola!


There’s still lots to do, but hey, progress is progress.

And, just so I don’t feel lazy, here’s everything I’ve assembled recently:

  • Stormwall
  • Tempest Blazers
  • Stormsmiths (3)
  • Centurion
  • Hammersmith
  • Kraye
  • Hunters (2)

Yeah, Cygnar.  Who knew?


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