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[Aquablight] Scythean Update

[Aquablight] Scythean Update

Obviously, Katya was the primary item on my work table last month.  As a result, I haven’t made nearly enough progress on my Aquablight.  Especially with the Nova Open just a little over two months away.

I’ve been focused on the one arm for a bit, trying to keep the scop e small while I worked through everything.  This is still a test model, so I’m still fleshing things out.

Anyway, I have the arm just about done, except for a few minor armor bits on it’s upper arm.   Please excuse the not-so-great cellphone pictures, we’re moving in a week or two, so most stuff is packed off somewhere.

Let me know what you think:


And here’s what it looks like on the Scythean. This was alwo the only good way to show you more of the talon.


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  • I dig the scrapes that are highlighted along the big talon. The contrasts really pop. Have you decided how you want to do the gaping maws?

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